The Witchcraft Store

We Are An Online Witchcraft Store, That Cater For All Pagan Paths, We Have A Range Of Hand Crafted & Ritually Infused Spell Kits, Altar Kits, Posters, Hoodoo/Voodoo, Crystals, Gifts, Amulets, Talisman, Lotions & Potions, Plus Much More. Don't Hesitate To Contact Me If You Can't Find What You Require & We Will Do Our Best To Assist. Currently, We Can Post To UK Only. We Generally Post Within
2-3 Working Days.
We Are Now Closed For The Festive Period Until 5th Jan 2022. We Wish All Our Customers A Very Blessed New Year & A Big Thank You. 

Altar starter kits, many variations to choose from, A perfect way to get started on your Spiritual path, suited to all Pagan paths, ranging from small to huge kits, depending on your needs. Mystery Altar box's available with no need to subscripe.

A complete range of pagan posters,

greeting cards, parchment

papers, spell paper packs, poems, Book of Shadows pages, booklets, spell books, best witch certificates, and information sheets


Mini complete spell kits to ultimate ritual kits, candle magick, bath/shower spells, all spells come with

full easy to follow spells and in desires to suit all. Ready to use spell potions.

Mystery box's also available, without the need to subscribe.


Witch's jewellery, lotions, and potions, decals + witches stickers, mugs, keyrings, gifts, plaques, talisman, amulets, pagan throws, wall hangings, bags, pouches, lucky charms, coffin nails, and lots of unusual charmed and blessed items. 


Anointing oils ritually infused, available in glass roll-on, dropper bottles, and eco bottles.

Lots to choose from. Magical herbs for all your spells. Witch's salts, consecrated, the most potent black available, rose, herb-infused salts, and much more. 


A large selection of Incense sticks, cones and resins. Candles, mostly handmade, rolled ritual candles, small spell candles, large worship, church, skulls, hearts, votives, jars, and tins in an array of colours inc golds, and silver.


Crystal balls, crystal wands, pendulums, crystal Rune sets, loose gemstones, chakra stones, and crystal

healing gift sets

Charm bags, mojo's, Zodiac, and Magical

Pouches, many desires to

choose from, can also be

personalised if you don't

see what you need.

Altar cloths, statues, 

amulets, bowls, cauldrons,

wands, brass censors, altar decor, Book of Shadows, all your altar