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Witch’s Monthly Mystery box’s

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Sorry Our Mystery Boxes Are Not

Available At Present. Please Check

Back in A Few Weeks, or Send Us

Your Details And We Will Contact 

When They Are Available Again.

I am highly experienced in

all aspects of the craft. Using

the moon phases, I work hard to

bring you a potent variety of exclusive

items, You won’t find elsewhere, each item is cleansed, blessed and if appropriate, is left in the light of the moon goddess overnight to ensure a highly potent



There will be a range of various items to

keep you a busy witch, these are super boxes for

beginners as everything has full step by step

instructions, or for the more advanced witch

this is an excellent way to top up your supplies and add more powerful items to your altar, and spells to your Book of Shadows.


Some items your Witch’s box’s can contain:

  • Handmade candles,

  • magical soaps,

  • Secret ritual bath/shower blends,

  • pagan symbolic jewellery,

  • hand full moon blended loose, cones & stick incense,

  • handmade spell pouches,

  • posters,

  • bos spells,

  • full moon blended magically infused oils,

  • herbs,

  • potion bottles,

  • my potent exclusive secret crystal-clear oil range,

  • crystals,

  • spells for almost every desire,

  • wands,

  • hand designed Book of Shadows,

  • altar tiles,

  • altar cloth’s,

  • altar decorations,

  • symbolic plaques,

  • rune stones,

  • figurines,

  • amulets,

  • talisman,

  • witch’s salts,

  • crystal balls,

  • & Much More








The list of magically goodies is Endless, you will also receive plenty of information and spells. We also where possible send items that are unique to your own needs, e.g. If you are male, you may not want a crystal charm bracelet, so please answer all the questions on the signing up form, so as we can tailor the box to you. We don’t just send random items to everyone, we do our best to see what is of interest to you, so as we can as far as possible send items that you are interested in, if you are a happily married man or woman, it’s unlikely You would want your box to contain a potent love attraction spell, this is why ticking the box’s, helps us give you a totally unique box, others don’t offer this service, but we feel that we want to suit the individual needs, and don’t send stuff you are never likely to use, where possible we will send items that you personally will find useful. 

Currently the Witch’s boxes are only available to the first 25 customers that subscribe,

we will Be increasing this in the near future but apply now to be one of the first to receive your witch’s magical goodie box.

Each monthly box we will choose a selection of the items above and new items that we think you will enjoy.

  • Our Essential Witch’s Box £13.00 UK (£18.00 Europe) top-up essential altar items including but not restricted to, candles, herbs, oils, crystals, witch’s salts, spells, sample packs etc. A great way to add to your supplies)

  • Our VIP Witch’s Box £28.00 UK (Europe £35.00) A superb monthly box to quickly have a whole host of various spells and altar items at your fingertips, including but not restricted to, altar statues, boxes, spell casting items, oils, candles, herbs etc. prayer beads, potion bottles, charm bags, altar cloths & décor, divination tools, rune’s crystal balls, wands, spells, jewellery plus much more. You will receive at least a value of £36.00 mystery items a month.

Each member will also each month receive an exclusive discount code, and/or free gifts with any orders placed throughout the month from our Witchcraft Store.

                            You will also be the first to know of                                 sales, newly listed products, events,                                 exclusive free eBooks and downloads which                            we change regularly from our members only                           area and a free raffle ticket to our monthly                        prize draw, will be enclosed in your Witch’s                        Goodie Box.


Please acknowledge and read our terms & conditions before joining.

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