Eat Drink and Be Merry

Well all you lovely Witch's, its that time of year again, when the shops are mobbed, everyone buying enough food to feed an army, running you over with trolleys and buggies to beat you to the checkout, then you spend a fortune on gifts only to see them half price the following week 🤨 it might be a good idea to sit in your cosy house and do all your shopping online, but then you are stuck at home waiting on them getting delivered, when they eventually arrive you find it's not as good as it appeared on the picture, or you have been sent the wrong size or colour, trying to return or exchange it is next to impossible, and of course it won't arrive in time, and it's sad to see all our smaller retailers closing as they can't compete with the online giants. But then as your online shopping didn't quite work out your back to square one fighting your way through the shopping centre to find a replacement gift🙄. I don't know about you guys but I find myself humming to " I wish it could be Christmas everyday " the rest of the night, can't get the bloody tune out my head after being subjected to it getting played in every shop you go in. Yep I know a real ba humbug, my son even bought me a ba humbug hat lol, but there really is only so much Wizard of oz or A Christmas Carole a person can take, but they insist on repeating them year after year. So what can a person do apart from eat, drink and be merry? I like that bit 😁Then we have The New Year, and all the resolutions we make, does anyone's last more than a week? Sounds good at the time doesn't it getting up an hour earlier and exercising at the gym, but when it actually comes to getting out your nice warm bed to go out in snow and freezing temperatures, then it's not so appealing. Anyway I want to wish you all a great time, and a healthy, wealthy and happy 2019, and to thank you all for your support over the year. We are now closed until the 3rd of Jan 2019, (yep up here in Scotland we need a day or 2 to recover from Hogmanay) but we will be back with lots of new exciting stuff, we hope to make some great changes for next year, and introduce a bigger variety of goodies for you. So take care, and eat drink and be merry, see you all next year. Brightest Blessings Ellie xx

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