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Hi Guys, Been a really busy week here at the Witchcraft Store, I got all my mystery box's packaged and sent, and I'm happy to say I have today received some amazing feedback for them, so next month's witch's box will be sent on the 16th of Oct, just in time for Samhain/Halloween, so I will be digging deep into my Cauldron, to come up with some great surprises. Samhain is an important date in many Pagan's calender's as this date signify's The New Year, the Celts especially celebrate this as the end and start of the wheel of the year, but regardless of what you believe, I think we will all agree that it is an amazing time, when it is believed that the veil between our world and the spirit realms is at it's thinnest. Even the kids love getting dressed up and having fun and carving out their Jack o Lantern, a fun filled scary spooky night for them. I love this time of the year, when the dark nights draw in and the clocks change, giving us an extra hour in bed, and my body clock changes back to normal, not sure if it's just me, but when BST starts it takes me weeks to adapt to losing an hour, I feel like I'm jet lagged, so I always look forward to getting my hour back lol.

I hope you enjoy the new blog, and will use it to have a good old natter with like minded people, feel free to tell us what's on your mind, or perhaps share a spell or 2, I will be posting some really easy spells soon, and hope to get to know all our members.

Don't forget to check out our members area, where you can download eBooks and articles, all free for our members, these will change regularly, so do check back often, we will also be having a monthly prize draw (if you haven't already received your raffle number you will soon) the first draw will be held on the 2nd of October, and we hope to get everyone's numbers out by then, we will put on the item you can win by the end of the month.

The mystery subscription, this new blog and the monthly free prize is all new to us, so please bear with us if we have any teething problems, we are learning quickly and hopefully we don't have any problems.

This is your new area that gives you the chance to ask questions, get to know each other, give us suggestions, let us know if we are doing things right and hopefully have some fun. We are always keen to try new exciting stuff, and welcome your ideas and what you want to see on the site, product ideas or just anything you think we should do or stock.

My aim is to have a store like no others and involve the members is helping shape the Witchcraft Store of the future, an online coven is what I want to see, lots of witches are practising their chosen craft alone, and would like to become a part of a group, to share things with, some perhaps prefer to be a solo witch which of course is great, but for others it can get a bit lonely, perhaps you don't know of any Covens in your area to join, or you live in a remote area, or then there is always the concern that how safe is it, to meet up with others you don't know, I receive tons of emails from people all over asking me if I know of a 'safe' Coven in their area, or they have perhaps have found one, but don't have a friend to go with them, and wonder if it is safe to go alone, I would never advise anyone to go and meet a person or a group unless they know the people well, as there is some unscrupulous people around, so you should always take safety precautions. This I feel is the safe option, to get all the advantages of a Witch's Coven but taking none of the risks. These emails from Pagans of all crafts is where my inspiration came from, to have an online Coven, so I really hope you guys will join me and share your stories, spells, and anything you wish to discuss with other members, I hope that once we all get to know each other, we can form a trust and call on the help of other members to help with a problem that is effecting our lives, arranged joint spells all at the same time,regardless of where in the world you are, can really make a big impact, and sometimes we all do need the help of others to help solve the issue.

So get your thinking caps on guys and let us know what you want from The Witchcraft Store.

Brightest Blessings

Ellie xx

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