Trinity of Hares Pendant ~ Three Hares Amulet.
This Amulet Measures approx 2.2cm diametre (excluding pewter cord hook)
Made from nickel free pewter. 
Comes on an adjustable black 1.5mm cord
Adjusts from approx 36cm to 73cm (14" to 28")
This Hare Trinity Amulet pendant has the same image on both sides.
Made from Superior Excelsior Pewter .
This is A symbol of the Pagan Goddess Eostre, the hare was treasured as a symbol of fertility and rebirth, and was also viewed as a harbinger of nourishment that comes with spring after
 the harshness of winter. 
This amulet depicts three hares, within a circle trinity to help bring fertility, rebirth, 
and prosperity to those who wear it. 
It hangs from an adjustable black cord, and can be worn as a good luck amulet pendant or hung up in the home.

Amulet ~ 3 Hare Trinity Pewter Pendant on Black Cord

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