HOLDS 12 x 10 ml BOTTLES 
GORGEOUS WOODEN SHEESHAM CARVED BOX (no oils are included~listing
for the storage box only)
Perfect storage for all your oils, either your own blends or purchased magical oil blends or your kit of essential oils, a professional storage case, keeps your oils all
in a dark place, which is recommended for any oil blended or pure essential oils. Looks stunning on your altar, having all you magically oils right at your fingertips
for any spells you do or any kind of aromatherapy professional work you do, the added advantage of this box is the 12 wooden inserts inside can easily be
removed and used as a box for all your spell candles, incense cones or anything else you need a gorgeous storage box for.
Approx Size is: 15.5 cm Long x 11.5 wide x 9 cm Tall (these are manual
measurements so please allow for a mm or so differences) 6.5" x 4.5" x 3.75"
Please Note: Check sizes carefully, so as you know the exact size you will receive, no oils are included with this box, however, I do have boxes that do contain my
own special magical blends, and some empty bottles to mix your own blends, if
this is something you are interested in do take a minute to check out my other
Brightest Blessings x 

Aromatherapy Altar Oils Storage Box Hold 12 x 10 ml Bottles Carved Sheesham Wood

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