A Complete Witch's Spell Casting Paper Bundle
A Bundle of 6 x A4 Size Spell Paper, Plus A Free Book of Shadows Designed Front Cover Page. (as seen in pictures, 7 pages in total)
This is A great way to make your own personal Book of Shadows, with 6 high-quality papers, that can be used the old witchy way with a feather and ink, or they are all suitable for the modern witch and printable on inkjet or laser printers. There are 6 assorted designs in the pack plus a stunning poster you can use as your BOS cover page. Paper varies from 90g to 120g and is all top-quality paper.
They are all (approx) A4 size and will be sent in a hardback envelope with "Do Not Bend" to ensure they arrive in pristine condition.
I have also given every sheet a blessing using an old element blessing spell, I use a lot in my own blessing spells, so they come ready to use. These would make a gorgeous personal spellbook if you wish to make your own powerful Book of Shadows, or simply to write your own favorite spells on. A lovely gift for any witch.
You will receive one (approx) A4 size spell sheet of each of the following: (Also check out all pictures, as each one is pictured separately to let you see the full sheets.
1 x Satin Finished Book of Shadows Artistically Designed BOS Front Cover Sheet/Poster
1 x Antique Gold Plain Parchment Spell Paper Sheet
1 x Fake Goat Skin Spell Paper Sheet (Please note this is NOT real Goatskin)
1 x Witch's Aged Retro Style With A Quill Feather on One Side, (the back is the same effect but has no feather quill, the feather quill is printed on the paper, it's not an actual feather)
1 x Witch's Aged Style Paper this is double-sided.
1 x Gold Parchment With A Triple Moon & Pentagram Back Ground (Water Mark)
1 x Gold Parchment With A Large Pentagram Back Ground (Water Mark)
Both of Which Looks Great With Print or Hand Writing Over it. Giving It A Real Witch's Spells Authentic Look. See All Pictures To See Exactly What You Will Receive. A Complete Witch's Spell Casting Paper Bundle ~ 7 Sheets in Total (6 To Use As You Wish, & 1 Poster/BOS Cover Page. These Sets Are Also Available In Other Designs, See My Other Products For Details. Any questions about this product please don't hesitate to contact me. Brightest Blessings x

Book of Shadows Witches Spells Parchment Paper Bundle 6 A4 + BOS Cover

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