A set of All Seven Popular Chakra Crystal Beads, with a lotus flower and a Spiral on the ends. The 6mm beads is a perfect size for popping in your pocket, a gorgeous set of Reiki Master Charged meditation beads these have also been blessed by a Celtic Witch, a powerful health & healing meditation gift, to balance your Chakra's on the go, suitable for travellers, due to the small pocket size. They come lovely presented to give as a gift, with a handmade Lotus charm gift bag. The entire length of these meditation beads is a total length including the end spiral & lotus flower charms is approx: 15 cms long (6 inches) Makes a wonderful Spiritual gift for a any friend, These are easy to carry in your bag or pocket, and the little bag protects them, so as you always have a bit inspiration on hand. see my other Chakra Items & boxed gift Sets. Please note, the gift bag colour may vary, if you would like a special colour please send me a message with your order. Any questions don't hesitate to send me a message. Brightest Blessing x

Chakra Healing Pocket Crystal Meditation Beads ~ All 7 Chakra Crystals

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