Crystal Clear Pendulum With 7 Tiny Coloured Gemstones To Represent Each Chakra ~  Crystal Healing, use pendulum to determine what Chakra is out of sync.

Perfect for divination, a great tool to have on your altar, Comes with A Free Black Velvet Gift Bag.

Perfect Gift. Sizes Approx. Length of Chain with a Clear Quartz Bead End 18.5 cms Total Length of Crystal Pendulum with Gumstones 4.5 cms Width of Crystal 1.9 cms Depth 1.9 cms. 

Great decision maker, unsure what do do? Ask the Pendulum, no special equipment required, for Yes or No answers, simply focus on the pendulum and tell it which way to swing (right or left) for yes and no.

Not sure but have a few options to consider?, write them on paper and see which one the pendulum favours. Also referred to as a dowsing tool, used in crystal healing, Reiki Healers To Locate A misaligned Chakra and divination. Can be amazingly accurate. And comes complete with a free lovely gift bag, to store in or to give as a gift.

Clear Crystal Chakra Gemstones ~ Dowsing Pendulum ~ Reiki Healing

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