Luxury Witch's Altar and Spell Kits ~ All Hand Blended ~ Moon Magick
A complete luxury altar & spell casting kit. Perfect for a beginner or any witch needing to stock up on essential supplies, would make the perfect gift for any witch.
Please see all pictures.
This Altar/Spell kit is prepared by me using the moon phases for each purpose. my herbs & flowers are chosen for their magical properties and many grown by me, all oils are blended with pure essential oils, I only ever use certified Aromatherapy in my blends, as their natural properties are a must if you want your spells to work (take care when purchasing magical oils, that they don't use cheap scents, not only can this be dangerous to your skin, you won't get your spells to work)
The complete kit contains:
4 x Small Straight Through Coloured Spell Candles unscented, (Not Dipped)  
4 x Bags of Herbs Blended With Certified Pure Essential Oils
4 x Packs of 4 Incense Cones
4 x 15 ml Bottles of Hand Blended Magical Oils
You will also receive suggested uses for your entire kit.
The Magical Blends Come In 4 Different Spell's For You, I Have Chosen My Most Popular Spell Blends:
Money ~ Love & Friendships ~ Gain Confidence ~ Psychic Abilities & Spirit Contact. You Will Also Receive 3 Sides of A4 Paper With Spells & Suggested Uses For Your Full Altar Kit. (2 Sheets Printed on Both Sides)
Approx Sizes: Grip Seal Bags 3" x 2.5"
Small Spell Candles 4" long x 0.5" thick
Magical Oil Bottles is PET Containing Approx 15 ml of Oils
PET Bottles are shatterproof, fully recyclable, lightweight, and are ideal for oils.

Complete Boxed Altar and Spell Kits ~ 4 Spells and Suggested Uses

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