Crystal Workshop CD By Philip Permutt

This workshop CD reveals how to cleanse and program crystals, and includes simple exercises, visualisations, and guided meditations that will help enhance our natural healing abilities with crystals. Composed by Phillip Permutt a top UK crystal expert with over 10 years of teaching experience.

Crystals come to life in this inspiring CD, enabling the listener to reach new heights of crystal awareness. Its gentle harmony and deep wisdom unlock innate healing abilities in beginner and experienced crystal practitioners alike as they flow on its sounds to the heart of crystal power.

1. Intro

2. Choosing your crystals

3. Cleansing crystals

4. Sensing crystal energy

5. Tuning into A crystal

6. Programming A Crystal

7. Quartz crystal

8. Amethyst Meditation

9. Crystal Chakra healing meditation

10. Final Thoughts

Crystal Workshop ~ Philip Permutt CD

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