This is a chance to try out our monthly mystery box, without the monthly subscription, 

Items can vary from the pictures, these are just examples of products that may be included.


This is the essential Witch's Mystery Box


The content in the box is worth a value of more than the asking price so get yourself a bargain and stock up on your witchy supplies today 


This is a Mystery Box, we currently offer a monthly subscription , heres your chance to buy a one off , no subscription just purchase as you go, if you decide to subscribe you will recevie a discount and lots more benefits


our witch’s boxes differ from others on the market, as at least 60% of your magical goodies are handmade or blended by myself, a coven and hedge witch for 40+ years,

Some items your Witch’s box’s can contain:

  • Handmade candles,

  • magical soaps,

  • Secret ritual bath/shower blends,

  • pagan symbolic jewellery,

  • hand full moon blended loose, cones & stick incense,

  • handmade spell pouches,

  • posters,

  • bos spells,

  • full moon blended magically infused oils,

  • herbs,

  • potion bottles,

  • my potent exclusive secret crystal-clear oil range,

  • crystals,

  • spells for almost every desire,

  • wands,

  • hand designed Book of Shadows,

  • altar tiles,

  • altar cloth’s,

  • altar decorations,

  • symbolic plaques,

  • rune stones,

  • figurines,

  • amulets,

  • talisman,

  • witch’s salts,

  • crystal balls,

  • & Much More

Essential Mystery Witch's Box (No Subscription)


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