A complete set of rune stones casted in fine stonecast plaster, hand painted in gold, with black symbol craved into the stones. The plaster is mixed during a full moon ritual, they are left to dry in the light of the moon and sun until the new moon, when they are hand painted on my altar, again left to dry in both moon and sunlight, until the moon has completed a full cycle, then giving a final blessing and carefully individually wrapped and come complete with a large purple sateen bag. I also enclose a full set of meanings, to guide you. Rune stones are mostly used in divination, but runes have many other uses and can be used in many spells and rituals, carried  as a good health, good luck talisman etc, also used for guidence. Runes are often used to bind 2 or more symbols together to make a powerful talisman,( I will add some bind rune talisman's to my shop soon). So this is a really special collection to own, I don't make in large bulks as they are very time consumming and there is a limit to the amount of space I have to allow them the time to bask and gain power from both the sun god and moon goddess. I do however take orders for these, so if there is none available, contact me and I will happily make to order your own special powerful Rune Set.

Available is the colours of the god and goddess (silver and gold)

Handmade Gold or Silver ~ Rune Stones With Meanings ~ Made With Stone Plaster

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