Superb Altar Box Kit ~ Wooden Incense Storage Box ~ Incense Stick & Cone Burner ~ 7 Coloured Candle ~ Incense Sticks ~ Incense Cones
A Perfect Altar Gift Pack
Contents Included:
1 x Carved Incense Box For Storage & Burning Your Incense Sticks & Cones With Brass Inlay & A Secret Compartment. Size Approx: Length 30 cm x 6 cm Tall x 5.5 cm Deep (Design of Box May Vary)
7 x Coloured Candles (Colours May Vary)
1 x Box of 15 Stamford Premium Incense Sticks ~ Vampire Kiss Scent
1 x Box of 15 Premium Stamford Black Incense Cones.
A Complete Witch's Altar Burning Kit.

Incense & Candle Box ~ Large Wooden Box For Storage & Burning

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