Large Altar Cloth Triquetra Celtic Design in Centre and Celtic Edging Blue Tie Dye 
Approx Sizes: 100 cm Wide x 76 cm Long (40" x 30") 
A stunning altar cloth in Indian cotton, beautifully designed in a blue with black detail. Would suit most sizes of pagan altars. Perfect for a large altar, or a tall altar as it can be beautifully draped over with the symbol on the top of your altar. Also makes a lovely table/picnic cloth to celebrate the Sabbats, or to simply impress your guests, An outside garden altar,  take to the park or beach, a delight to lie on while taking in a bit of sunshine, a wall decoration for your scared space, a beach wrap or even a lovely bed or sofa throw.

It is in a blue tie-dye effect, which has a real stunning effect, wherever you choose to use it.

Advised washing instructions: Wash by hand and hang up, a washing machine can be used but it will fade quicker through time, although some like the faded effect, not advised to be tumble dried. Iron on a cotton setting, if required, but hanging up straight after washing, you wouldn't really need to iron and as it dries within an hour or so.

Large Altar Cloth ~ Triquetra Blue Celtic Design

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