Lightworkers are born with a mission to bring love, healing and spiritual knowledge into this cruel dark world, but their extreme sensitivity leaves them more vulnerable to life's woes.
It is natural that they protect themselves by putting up barriers which act as a protective shell.
Although this shell feels safe it prevents their spiritual light from shining out into the world.
With world events becoming ever darker it is vital that they break this shell and bring their much needed light to the world.
This Lightworker guided meditation has been created to help you with this process, empowering you as a lightworker to fulfil your destiny.

Track 1: Introduction: 4.59 minutes

Track 2: "Once Bitten, Don't Be Shy" Meditation: 30.07 minutes


Total running time: 35.06

With music composed & performed by Neil H.

Light Worker ~ A Guided Meditation ~ By Cornish Healer Robbie Wright

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