A Complete Charm Bag Kit, With Tons Of Spells & Suggested Uses:  
Perfect witches kit for all Pagan Crafts includes uses, suggestions and tons of information and instructions Printed on 2 Sides of A4 Paper. The perfect kit for
beginners who wish to create their own magical potent charm bags or for the
witch that is too busy to blend the potions. Contents Include:
6 x Grip Seal Bags of my most popular blends of magical herbs, all labeled as
seen in pictures, these can also be blended together to make your own bespoke magical charm bag, or made into a magical oil blend, these are just a few of the suggestions and instructions you will receive on your full information sheets.
6 x Pieces of Soft Felt, coloured and cut to size to make the perfect magical
charm bag in an array of colours, that will suit almost all spells. (colours may vary)
These can be glued or sewed together. 
6 x Long ribbon length's you can mix and match to tie your charm bag when
complete. (colours may vary)
6 x Pentagram Protection Tibetan Silver charms, that can easily be tied or sewed onto your completed charm bag for potent results, 
You will also receive full instructions, on how to use your kit, make charm bags
for yourself or friends, make your own magical oils and much more, the
properties of the herbs, and how to get the best results out of your collection. All herbs are blended at the appropriate moon phase on my altar, infused with pure certified essential oils renowned for the properties that suit the herbal blend. A
full kit put together by a Celtic witch with a lifetime of spell casting experience,
each blend is carefully made using my own secret blends, and little known ritual, this kit is a fraction of the cost of buying ready-made charm potion bags, with the added advantage that you can tailor them to suit, all your needs and they are
much more potent when made personally by you.
All herbs are organic, mainly grown by myself, these are the exact blends I use for my own spell casting, a variation of herbs, flowers, salts, and pure undiluted certified essential aromatherapy oils, I have also included full information on how to
use,  your blends and make your own magical oil blends. The felt bags are pre-cut for your convenience, and the also contain ribbon to tie the bag once completed, these can also be used in all your own spells, in addition, I have added 6 Silver
Tibetan protection pentagrams, you can tie or sew on to keep our charm bag
and spell protected. Any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. A great
kit to help beginners and the more experienced witch, to do a simple but
exceptionally potent spell
Brightest Blessings


Magical Charm Bags ~ Herbs ~ Pentagrams ~ Make Your Own Altar Spells

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