MAGICAL CHARM BAG FOR HAPPINESS & CONTENTMENT IN YOUR LIFE These Charm Bags Are Specially Blended With Magical Herbs & Crystal Salts Renowned For Your Chosen Wish/Desire, The Charm Bag Is Approx. 7cms X 5cms And Is In The Colour That Match's Your Desire, (See My Other Listings For Lots More Desires) I Have Over 40 Years' Experience In Spell Casting, Pagan Life & Am A Genuine, Caring Celtic Witch, & Offer Excellent After Care, Should You Require it. Colour Magick Is An Important Part Of The Ritual's Performed, So Colours Never Vary And Is In The Appropriate Colour Required For Your Desire. The Bag Is Handmade Using Felt Fabric, Everything Used Is Firstly Cleansed, Including The Needle, Thread, Fabric, Spell Scroll And Pentagram Protection Charm And Is All Then Blessed Using Our Own Elemental Blessing Spell. The Herbs & Crystal Salts Are Carefully Chosen And Blended To An Age Old Proven Family Recipe, (Some of The Herbs are Specially Grown By Me) I Then Complete The Little Known, But Highly Potent Secret Ritual, That Has Been Handed Down To Me And Has Travelled Through Many Generations Of Witch's. These Especially Potent Rituals I Use Have Been Tried And Trusted, And Have Seen Some Amazing Fast And Stunning Results, Many Times Over. I Don't Make These In Bulk, These Are Only Made When An Order Is Placed Or Don't Make For Other Retailers, These Charm Bags Are Totally Unique To My Family. Finally, Your Completed Charm Bag Will Be Tied With Coordinating Cord/Ribbon, Then Giving A Final Blessing For It's Journey To You And Put Directly Into An Envelope, Along With Your Spell Scroll Then Posted Directly. Full Spell & Easy To Follow are Enclosed on The Scroll, The Spell Is Not Essential To Do, But Does Help Personalise The Charm Bag To You. Easy For A Beginner, No Experience Is Required. My Potent Little Charm Bags Would Make Beautiful, Unusual & Heart Felt Gifts. Any Questions Do Not Hesitate To Contact Me. Brightest Blessings Ellie x.

Pagan Herb Magical Charm Bag - For Happiness & Contentment

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