Wealth, Money & Abundance Spell Potion ~ Help Increase Your Income

A complete spell potion, ritually blended using magical herbs, witch's salts, oils, and secret ingredients a highly potent potion blended to an age-old little-known ritual. The foil sachet measures 7.5cm x 12cm (3" x 4.75") filled with only quality homegrown herbs and/or organic, all vegan friendly, it is sealed for freshness and leak/spill-proof, with a see-through front and a foil back, resealable to ensure a constant fresh supply and labelled.

As with all my spell and ritual products, they are suitable for beginners as they do come with suggested uses to get the best from your spell casting. Also perfect for the busy witch and the travelling witch, as you can use it almost anywhere and the magical sachet will easily fit into your bag or pocket and due to the sealed packaging you will always have a fresh potion on hand. These are blended are various moon stages depending on the spell, using only the finest quality ingredients are pure certified essential oils. I never skimp on quality, as I strongly believe that quality is a big factor in a spell and magical workings. So I can guarantee you will receive freshness and quality in every pack. A perfect addition to your witch's supplies, having one or more sachets on hand saves you time, money and allows you to do a spell in a hurry, or even on the move. When You Need A Quick Spell With Fast Results, This Is The Perfect Solution. Any questions please ask. Lots more spell potions for various other purposes available, see my other products.

Potent Wealth, Money, Abundance Spell Potion ~ Increase Your Cash Flow

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