A set of 9 Amethyst Deep Purple Crystal Beads, arranged in sets of 3 with silver ring to end and start each section. The 8mm beads is a perfect size for use, these are my favourite pocket prayer beads for worship, prayer, meditation, spells, rituals that ensure the blessing of the goddess, suitable for many Pagan crafts. They come lovely presented to give as a gift, with a handmade pentagram gift bag and a gift card outlining the various ways the number 3 is important to witches, and a triple moon/ pentagram picture. The entire length of the prayer beads measures a total length including the end protection & goddess charm approx: 22 cms long (8.5 inches) The gift card has a picture of the triple moon and outlines the importance of the powerful number 3. Makes a wonderful Spiritual gift for a pagan friend, These are easy to carry in your bag or pocket, and the little bag protects them, so as you always have a bit inspiration on hand. Other Crystal gemstones & charms is also available. Any questions don't hesitate to send me a message. Brightest Blessing x

Power of Three ~ Amethyst Crystal ~ Pagan Prayer Beads

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