​​​​​​Complete kit for holding your own Seance. 

Perfect to hold your own seance and contact those spirit who has passed over to the other side, with the Ouija spirit board, 'Stargazer' designed by Anne Stokes, A Nemesis now product stunning design included in the box is, the spirit board, instructions and a planchette, Your kit also includes additional products to help you hold a real seance safely. 
The Complete Spirit Kit Includes: You Will Receive Everything In The Pictures 
*Stargazer Spirit Board Boxed With A Planchette & Instructions
* A5 Gold Notebook with a Witchy Design and a Pentagram Charm Book Mark with lined paper, perfect to keep track as the board spells out your message, and to keep notes on dates, what happened, who was present, etc. 
*A Paperback Book By Michael St Christopher Titled "How To Use The Ouija Board" to Help You Get The Best Results From Your Seance and keep safe and protected, suggestions on what to ask, how to begin and end each session. 
*A Pack of 12 Spirit Contact  Incense Cones Ritually Prepared to Awaken the Spirits and Open Your 3rd Eye.   
*15ml Bottle of Spirit Contact Anointing Oil, Which Also Has Protection Properties. *Large Chunk of Selenite Crystal Said to Keep Away Evil Entities 
*A Specially Made Seance/Spirit Contact Jar Candle Handmade to Invoke Spirits With a Protection Charm Attached approx 8 Hours Burn Time.

*2 x Pentagram Protection Amulets to Keep You and Your Partner Safe While Using Your Board Part.

*A Decorative Novelty Air Freshener to Scent Your Home or Car, With A Ouija Design.

* Wooden Round Incense Cone & Stick Burner

Everything you need to get your own seance going. Playing by the rules insuring you and the other player's safety. Although you can play alone it is generally best to have 2 or more players. A true spooky night to keep you and the other players mystified at the results, keeping notes is a great way to keep track of any changes to the air, the spirits that have come through, and to record the messages you receive.

Seance Oujia Board Contact Spirits Complete Kit

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