~ Superb Witch's Starter Hand Carved Wooden Box Kit ~ 

Contents Include: 


1 x Indian Sheesham Wood Hand Carved Altar Organiser Box With Dividers To Keep Your Altar Tidy & Everything At Hand (extra dividers included to set up your altar box your way, please note the carvings may vary slightly) Approx. Sizes: Approx Size is: 15.5 cm Long x 11.5 wide x 9 cm Tall (these are manual measurements so please allow for a mm or so differences) 6.5" x 4.5" x 3.75"

3 x 10 ml Glass Magical Oil Bottles With Dropper & Tamper Proof Tops ~ 1 x Bottle Each of Herb Infused Good Health, Wealth & Happiness, Specially Prepared At The Moon Phases To Suit The Purpose, These Oils Are Extremely Versatile, There Is Tons Of Uses & Spells You Can Do With Them, Suggested Uses Are Included. All Blended To A Little Known Ritual & Infused With: Health ~ Hibiscus Flower ~  Wealth ~ A Whole Bay Leaf & A Cinnamon Stick ~ Happiness ~ Whole Spring Flowers, Blended With Pure Quality Certified Aromatherapy Essential Oils.
2 x Worship Candles ~ 1 Each of Gold ~ Gods ~ Silver ~ Goddess, To Invoke The Goddess/Gods, Ask For Help, Give Thanks & To Help You Find The Advice and/or The Best Path For You, Can Also Be Used To Contact Your Guardian Angel or A Higher Spiritual Power.
4 x Small Spell Candles ~ Approx 10 cm Tall x 1 cm Wide ~ Burn Time 2 Hours ~ Perfect For Spells That Require You To Let Your Candle Burn Out, As It Doesn't Have You Sitting Up All Night Waiting For It To Burn Down (Colours May Vary)
3 x Glass Cork Top Potion Bottles 1 Bottle Each Specially Infused Spell Potions ~ 1 Bottle Each Of Good Health ~ Wealth ~ Happiness. They Are Ritually Infused Powerful Spell Potions Containing A Secret Blend of Home Grown and/or Wild Harvested Herbs & Flowers, Witch's Powders, Witch's Salts & Oils All Selected For Their Purpose. These Can Also Be Used In Tons Of Various Spells. Suggested Uses Are Included.1 x Sachet of Extreme Potency Black Salt For All Banishing & Protection, Hand Blended To A Little Known Ritual, Made In The Old Witch's Ways.
1 x Sachet of Consecrated Altar Salt ~ Perfect For All Your Cleansing & Protection Needs.
1 x Sachet of Himalayan Crystal Salt ~ Perfect For A Deep Cleansing Bath or Shower.
1 x Sachet of My Own Pre-Ritual Bath or Shower Blend ~ A Blend Of Himalayan, Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Oils, Flowers & Herbs. For An Amazing Mind, Body & Spirit Cleansing To Make Sure You Are Fully Focused For Your Spell and/or Ritual.
3 x Crystal Gemstones ~ Fully Cleansed & Programmed Specially Selected For Their Properties To Bring You Good Health, Wealth & Happiness In Your Everyday Life.
1 x Organza Bag ~ For Use With Your Pre-Ritual Bath Blend.
1 x Scroll With Tons of Spells, Info & Suggested Uses ~To Get The Best From Your Altar Investment. All Packed Into A Gorgeous Wooden Hand Carved Box, To Keep All Your Spell Accessories Organised. All Items Are Vegan Friendly ~ I Only Ever Use The Best Quality Certified Aromatherapy Oils, & Mostly Grow All My Own Herbs & Flowers or Wild Harvested. My Crystals Are All A+ Quality & Although Vary In Size & Shape Due To Them Being A Natural Product They Are All Classed As Large & Are Approx. 20-30 mm. This Is An Amazing Collection That Has So Many Uses, It's Probably The Only Kit You Will Need To Get Started on Your Chosen Spiritual Path & Spell Casting. Everything Is Labelled With The Contents. Sizes Are Shown So Please Double Check Sizes and Ensure You Are Happy with These Before Purchase, Or Contact Me If You Are Unsure. All Pictures Are Taking of The Actual Items, But pics Can Be Deceiving So Do Double Check All Sizes.

Superb Witches Starter Kit ~ Hand Carved Altar Box ~ Altar Essentials

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