The Vintage Edition Spell Book By Nicola de Pulford. A Hard Back Book Which is Well Written and a Beautifully Illistrated Spell Book, It combines ancient and modern formulations to bring the power of good to your life, your love, your work and your play.  A collection of spells for Health, Wealth and Happiness, it also includes 3 very powerful Emergency Use Only spells which are printed on sealed pages for reversing negitive Aura's. This book is aimed at serious beginners who's desire is to channel the potent magic of nature.

I only stock books that I myself have read and recommend, I don't have a large selection on the site, as there is plenty book shops to purchase books from, but as I get asked many times about books I would recommend, I decided to stock a few that I personally feel would be benefical to a beginner.

The Book of Spells ~ Vintage Edition By Nicola de Pulford

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