A Hand Blended Bath or Shower Witch's Potion ~ 'Big Success' Spell Kit 

A complete magical little spell that packs a big punch. Perfect for beginners or for a busy Witch.

This complete success, 'Big Success Spell Kit', contains a potent blend of herbs, flowers, Himalayan salt and pure certified aromatherapy oils, all renowned for their success promoting properties blended at the correct moon phase in my cauldron, a secret little known ritual is performed and the complete little kit is fully blessed and tastefully packaged.

This package has everything you need to perform this potent spell in the privacy of your own bathroom.

Pack contains An organza bag filled with the magical blend, a candle and a scroll with full step by step instructions.

Please see all pictures the main picture shows the potion that is in your spell bag and the little spell kit you will receive.

Any questions please ask. Many more little spell kits for other purposes available, see my other products.

Witch's Little Spell kit ~ Big Success ~ Bath ~ Shower

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