Witches Potent Complete Road Opener ~ Banish Obstacles Spell Kit. 
Every Thing you need to complete a potent but none the less simple easy to follow guide to get the best from your spell, suitable for all Pagan Path's, perfect starter spell Kit for beginners or the busy Witch that needs a fully prepared spell and no time to prepare it, All my Spell kits are Vegan-Friendly. Your complete kit Pack Contains: 
An Orange Candle (approx 2 hr burn time)
A 15ml Bottle of Anointing Oil (Prepared & Blended by myself at the corresponding moon phases, I only use pure quality certified essential oils in all my magical blends)
2 x Orange 'Open The Way' Incense Cone (Ritually prepared for the purpose of the spell)
A Sachet of powerful spell Potion, A potent blend of herbs ritually prepared and infused with oils, all oils are pure certified aromatherapy blended by myself to a secret little known ritual renowned for the properties of bringing about your desire, most of my herbs are homegrown or wild harvested. I only use the best quality items for all my spells. 
An Orange Pentagram Charm Bag With Ribbon to tie it, handmade & blessed by myself.(approx 5 x 7cm) 
A Piece of Fully Blessed Spell Paper(blessed with my own amazing elemental spell) approx A6 size
Full instructions on how to perform and get the best from your spell Kit, these instructions are from my own Book of Shadows and are unique to The Witchcraft Store. They have been well-traveled, tried & tested by myself and many others with high success rates, If you don't see the Witchcraft Stores Logo then they are NOT my product, as I don't make any of my spells, altar kits or any of my Magical items for anyone else.
Any questions don't hesitate to contact me. Many more spell packs and altar products available see my shop for more details.

Witch's Potent Spell ~ Complete Road Opener ~ Banish Obstacles Kit

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