Witches Survival Altar Kit

A Complete Health, Wealth, and Happiness Altar Kit
Probably The Only Kit You Will Need
All our basic needs in a complete altar/spells kit,  
All we need is 3 basic things to live a fulfilling life, good health, happiness and enough money for our wants & needs, not a lot to ask for, but sadly we are often bogged down with poor health, sadness, and money worries. This is why I have put this complete witch's survival altar kit together. All my herbs, spell potions oils etc. are blended to a little known secret potent ritual all blended with homegrown and/or wild harvested herbs and flowers chosen for their properties of bringing about the purpose of the spells and desires they are intended for, my oils I blend at various moon phases, leave overnight in the light of the moon goddess to further empower them, I use only pure certified essential aromatherapy oils in all my blends every blend is also Vegan friendly, as is all my hand blended magical products. I also enclose spells, suggested uses and instructions to get the best from your complete altar kit.All items in your kit is only available from The Witchcraft Stores & are exclusive only to me. My oils can be used to anoint yourself, a drop in your bath, anoint your altar tools, your money (in wealth attracting oil) anoint your candles for spell casting or to burn in the home to attract your chosen desire to your home, My spell potions can be used as part of all your own spells, alone or in a combination with your oils and candles to attract your desired outcome. Your little blessed pentagram bags are perfect for mixing & blending your own powerful potions. Candles and incense can also be used as standalone or part of a bigger spell or ritual all of my oils and spell potions are specially blended to use for numerous purposes:
Your Complete Kit Contains:
3 x 15 ml Bottles of Magical Oils Infused Ritually With Herbs 1 Bottle Each of: Health, Wealth & Happiness Oils
3 x Grip Seal Bags of Specially Prepared Spell Potions, Ritually Blended With Herbs, Oils, Witch's Powders & My Secret Ingredients 
2 x Candles (Colours May Vary To Match Your Charm Bags)
2 x Handmade Blessed Pentagram Charm Bags For Making Your Own Potion Pouches (approx 5" x 7") (Colours May Vary)
12 x Altar Incense Cones Pack, 4 x Cones each For Health, Wealth & Happiness
1 x Large Chunk of Selenite Crystal (sizes & shapes will vary as it is a natural stone) 
1 x Natural Gemstone With Pentagram & Triple Moon Goddess Charm On 20" Chain (The stone will vary from the picture, as I chose at random)Plenty of Information, Spells & Suggestions To Get The Best From Your Altar Kit. Everything is Labeled. Wealth Blends: Can be used in all money matters, helping to get out of debt, get a better paying job, or get a pay rise, or in any form of games of chance, to help attract customers to your business or to simply increase your income.Health Blends: For mild pain, headaches, to help ease stress, depression, fatigue, generally feeling run down, use as a "pick-me-up" trouble sleeping a drop on your forehead and pillow will quickly have you nodding off in no time. Anoint a candle to clear away negative energies in the home. Happiness Blends: These are perfect to use for multi-purposes spells for whatever you wish to bring you happiness, this is different in everyone, we all have our own thoughts on what would make us happy, so these oils and spell potions have been specially blended to use in any situation that would make you personally happy, it may be a new love, a reconciliation of an old love, a new home, new friends, to mend a rift, to help you succeed in a new project, a baby, or just whatever you personally wish to attract into your life, that would make you personally happy. Probably the only altar kit you will ever need, no need to buy lots of different magical oils, spell blends, herbs, and lots of different ingredients when you have this complete kit for all your own personal 3 basic needs. Your Amulet pendant, has been handmade and blessed with a special ritual I like to do for good luck and protection. Please note the stone will vary. With all the uncertainty in our world, these would make a brilliant thank you gifts, birthday gift, or the perfect gift for yourself. Tastefully presented for the ideal gift.

Witch's Survival Altar Kit Health Wealth & Happiness

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