Consecrated Himalayan Cleansing Salt

Consecrated Ritual Salt, I receive my salts from source in large chunks, the salts I use is the purest ancient Himalayan rock salt. I grind this to a fine consistency using my pestle & mortar in the old witch's way (no electrical appliances are used, as I like to stick to traditional methods) while performing an ancient ritual to consecrate the salt, ready for your rituals.

You Will Receive:

1 x Foil Fresh Bag of Consecrated Fine Ground Ancient Himalayan Salt A Minimum of 50g

1 x A4 Pages With Tons of Information & Suggested Spell Uses 

The Foil Sachets Are Guaranteed To Keep Your Salts Fresh, Leak, Odour & Spill-Free, & They Are Resealable To Ensure You Always Have Fresh Salts, Ideal If You Wish To Keep A Pack On Your Person As They Won't Spill & Make A mess in Your Bag/pocket.

A True Witches Must Have.


Witches Altar Salt ~50g Consecrated Cleansing + Instructions

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