~ Superb Witch's Altar Box Gift Kit ~ Vegan Friendly

Perfect Gift For Beginners or The More Advanced Witch, With Tons of Info & Spells Included.

Contents Included In The Witch's Labelled Gift Box:(Check out all pictures)

2 x Magical Herbs (3"x 2.5") Grip Seal Bags For Keep Your Herbs Fresh (My Herbs Are Extremely High Quality, Mainly Grown By Me, Organic and/or Wild Harvested.
1 x Spell Potions (3" x 2.5") These Potions I Make To My Own Potent Ritual, Using The Various Moon Phases Suited To The Potion, They Contain A Specially Selected Blend of Magical Herbs, Mainly Grown By Me All Organic and/or Wild Harvested, My Own Blends of Witch's Salts & Powders, Blended With Certified Essential Oils (My Oils Are The Best Quality Available) Can Be Used As Part of A Spell or As A Standalone Magical Potion.
2 x Small Spell Candles ~ Approx 10 cm Tall x 1 cm Wide ~ Burn Time 2  Hours ~ Perfect For Spells That Require You To Let Your Candle Burn Out, As It Doesn't Have You Sitting Up All Night Waiting For It To Burn Down (Colours May Vary)
1 x Glass Cork Top Small Potion Bottle Of My Potent Witch's Black Salt ~  Ritually Infused With Secret Ingredients, Herbs, Essential Oils & Blended Following The Old Witch's Traditions. Making What I believe Is The Most Potent Witch's Black Salt You Will Find
1 x Glass Cork Top Small Potion Bottle Of My Consecrated Pure Cleansing Salt, Hand Blended To A Little Known Ritual, Made In The Old Witch's Ways.
1 x 15 ml Bottle of Attraction Oil ~  Perfect For All Spells When You Wish To Attract Someone or Something To You ~ Can Replace Almost All Individual Oils Used To Attract Money, love, New Home, New Job etc.
1 x 15 ml Bottle of Repelling Oil ~ Perfect For All Spells When You Wish To Repel or Banish Someone or Something ~ Can Replace Almost All Individual Oils Used To Banish, Bad Luck, Hex, Curse, An Unwanted Visitor, Anti-Social Neighbour etc.
These Oils Are Perfect For All Spells Whether You Wish To Attract or Repel, A Witch's Altar Must Have, As If You Don't Have The Oil You Require, These Make The Perfect Substitute, So Always Wise To Keep These In Your Witch's Supplies.The Attraction Oil Is Hand Blended At The New Moon, The Repel Is Hand Blended At The Dark Moon, To An Age Old Rituals, Using Only Certified Quality Essential Oils. To Get The Best Outcome With Your Spell Casting Witch's Quality Oils Are A Must, Cheaply Made Oils Just Won't Get you Results, A Lot Of Witch's Cheaply Made Oils Can Also Damage Your Skin, As Many Are Blended With Just Cheap Scented Oils That Are Not Suitable For Skin Contact, So Always Buy Oils Only From A Trusted Source, If You Are unsure Always Ask What Their Oils Are Blended With, If The Answer Is Vague or You Don't Think It's An Honest Reply, Then Avoid, As They Could Be Very Detrimental To Your Spells & Your Wellbeing.
1 x Small Healing Hands Altar Dish
1 x Large Crystal Gemstone (may vary from picture approx 3 cms classified as large grade A+)
1 x Large Seashell ~ Represents Water Element & Great Natural Altar Decor. (will vary in size 7 shape)
1 x Cinnamon Stick 
1 x Large Pine Cone
1 x Information, Spells & Lots Of Suggested Uses For Every Item. Making This Kit An Ideal Gift For Beginners, Anyone Needing A Bit Of Guidance or The Experienced Witch To Add To Their Supplies & Plenty Guides For Their On Book of Shadows. 

Witches Boxed Gift Set ~ Cupped Hands ~ Spell Potions ~ Crystal

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