For Use In Black or White Magic
Banishing Hex, Curse, Protecting Your Home and/or Yourself
Use in Place of A Pin For Empowering & Engraving A Candle, Potent Witch's Tool, With Many Uses, A Few Suggestions Can Be Found On The Label, Use To Bind Someone, Repel or Get Rid of Someone or Something From Your Life.
Witch's Coffin Nails Dates Back Centuries & Were Used in Both Black & White Magic, To Make Powerful Protection Witch's Bottles, or To Drive Away Your Enemy. Simply Add A Few Other Items To Make A Witch's Protection Bottle, Bury One At The Entrance To Your Home To Stop Anyone With Evil Intent From Entering, Used Along Side Black Salt Gives All Your Spells Extreme Potency.
They Are A Great Addition To The Witch's Cupboard & Altar.
Many Thanks For Looking, Do Check Out My Other Potent Spell Kits, Some Containing A Coffin Nail To Help You Gain Your Desired Outcome.


Please note that Coffin Nails are not actually from coffins, the name originates from the days when nails were made by blacksmiths and resembled the shape of a coffin, being wide at the top and narrower to the bottom. In modern days different types and shapes are used and ritually prepared for the same intent. They are powerful ritual items. 
Sold As A Witches Curio
Exclusive To The Witchcraft Store

6 x Witches Coffin Nails 3" For Protection and Banishing Spells

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