Witches 15 ml Hand Blended Moon Goddess Oil Many Desires To Choose From(approx 5 ml more oil than most witches oil blends)



All my oils are hand blended by the moonlight at various phases of the moon,

they  contain only certified pure organic essential oils blended with a carrier,

I generally use grapeseed, argan, coconut, hemp, and apricot kennel carriers,

depending on the oil I am blending (all suitable for Vegans) These anointing oils are in 15 ml PET bottles, which is shatterproof and completely recyclable, and all labeled, the picture is for display purposes, your oil will be your chosen oil.

This is for 1 oil bottle of your choice (I also do a wide range of glass dropper

bottles see my shop for details should you prefer your oils in glass bottles)

Use for anointing candles, altar tools, yourself, your money

(with any wealth/money oil) a drop-in the bath will completely relax you before

any meditation, spell casting or to simply help you sleep, a drop on your pillow

can promote astral & lucid dreams, a drop on your chakras will help balance,

anoint a crystal to increase its properties & energy, a drop on your forehead

and/or temples can ease a tension headache fast, calm you down and get rid of tension, use as you would a perfume to attract love, true friends,

banish negativity in your home by putting a few drops in water and burning in

your oil burner, anoint charm bags, banish a person from your home, banish bad luck, curses or a hex, increase your gambling luck, gain confidence, find a job or get a promotion, bring success to your business and your life, these are just a

few things you can use your oil for, there is quite a few available for you to

choose from if you don't see what you are looking for drop me a message, and I will do my best to help you find an oil right for your desire. If you wish to know

more about me see the about me section, my name is Ellie, I am a Celtic witch

born into my craft, so have a lifetime of spell casting, blending lotions & potions

for a wide range of magical products. Any questions about my oils please don't hesitate to contact me.

Witches Goddess Anointing Altar Oils ~Ritually Infused From A TO L

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