Superb Huge Witch's Chest with An Array of Witch's Supplies, Spells, and Altar Accessories Contents Included: 



1 x Witches Large Chest Size Approx. 22 cm long x 15 cm deep x 15 cm Tall excl Handle (9"x6x6)
1 x Altar Cloth Black with White Pentagrams Size Approx. 54 cm x 54 cm (Square) 
6 x Lg Size Crystals Grade A+ Crystal Gemstones (Will Vary) but Are All Top Quality & Classified as Large Stones, Each Crystal Will Be Labelled, Some Maybe More Rare Crystals approx 30-40
1 x Witches & Wizard Mug Black & White
12 x Altar Oils 15 ml Pet Bottles
12 x Spell Potion Herbs Ritually Infused With Oil Grip Seal Bags Size 3" x 2.25"
4 x Large Spell Candles ~ Rolled & Straight Through Colours Unscented Approx. 8 Hr Burn
10 x Small Straight Through Coloured Spell Candles Unscented Approx. 2 Hr Burn
6 x Pks of 6 Spell Incense Altar Cones
2 x 10 ml Glass Roll-On Oils 1 Each of Meditation & Relaxation. Energise & Uplift
2 x 10 ml Glass Dropper Oils 1 Each of Attracting Oil & Banishing Oil
1 x Brass Incense Cone Burner
1 x Mini Broom with Pentagram Charm
6 x Empty Glass Potion Bottles with Cork Tops For Making Your Own Lotion & Potion Blends & Witch's Bottle
4 x Handmade Blessed Pentagram Charm bags Approx. 5cm x 7cm
1 x Pk Witch's Extremely Potent Black Salt Approx. 40-50 grms
1 x Pk Witch's Consecrated Cleansing Salt Approx. 40-50grms
1 x Pk Altar Loose Incense Witch's Blend (Burn on Charcoal)
1 x Pk Pre-Ritual Cleansing Bath or Shower Magical Blend
4 x Votive Candles 1 Each of Silver "goddess" Gold "God" + 2 White all purpose.
1 x Altar Bowl (Colour May Vary)
1 x Silver Chain With Crystal Gemstone & Protection Pentagram (Crystal Will Vary)
4 x Charcoal Disks
1 x Witchy Magnet (Design May vary)
2 x Sheets of A4 Gold Parchment Paper For Writing Your Own Spells On.
Tons of Info, Suggestions & Spells From My Own Book of Shadows

Everything is labelled with the content

This superb witch’s altar box is packed with hand-blended magical herb potions, spells, witch’s salts, loose Incense, pre-ritual bath/shower magically blended with salts & herbal potions, crystal gemstones, candles,(colours may vary) altar ritually-infused oils, A4 sheets of pages from my own book of shadows, spells, rituals and information printed on both sides in a scroll, seashell, charcoal disks, Blessed Spell Bags. Complete inside a distressed-style witch’s wooden box, a black and white pentagram altar cloth. Please see all the pictures, you will receive everything in pictures.

Witches Huge Altar Chest Starter Kit ~ Crystals ~ Spell Potions ~ Oil

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