The Witchcraft Store's Huge Altar & Spells Kit Bag ~ Perfect Gift For The Traveling Witch  ~ Only Available From The Witchcraft Store 

Suitable For Beginners Or The Experienced Witch  ~ Organic & Vegan Friendly

A Moon Gazing Hare's Bag from Lisa Parker, containing an array of genuine witch's quality products, altar and witch's spell items. Perfect for Witch's on the go, all your supplies in a stunning zip bag with a picture of moon gazing hares The bag also doubles as a cool lunch box

Your Witches Starter Bag Kit Contains: 

1 x Lisa Parker Moon Gazing Hare Designer Cool Box/Bag

2 x Magical Herbs (may differ from picture)

4 x Witches Spell Potions ( may differ from the picture)

4 x Spell Candles (Straight Through Colour approx. 10cm Long, colours can vary)

1 x Anne Stokes Tin Candle 

2 x Magical Oils  (13ml (approx) PET bottles 1 bot each of Attraction & Repelling blended to a little known secret ritual)

2 x Magical Mood Enhancing Oils 1 each of: Relaxation & Meditation ~ Uplift & Energise (13ml approx bottles)

1 x Pack of Witches Curse Incense Cones

2 x Md Crystal Gemstones (These are chosen at random & will vary from picture, approx 20-25mm)

1 x White Heart Shape Altar Bowl

1 x 50g Bag of Extremely Potent Witch's Black Salt (Blended To An Ancient Little Known Ritual)

1 x 50g Bag of Consecrated Cleansing Salt (Both salts come in stay fresh reusable bags, that won't spill)

1 x Altar Cloth (Black with white pentagrams approx: 21" square)

1 x Pine Cone (Large)

1 x Seashell (Ideal for burning incense cones on)

1 x Cinnamon Stick

1 x Witchy Door Plaque (May vary from picture)

1 x Pk Pre-Ritual Bath or Shower Spell Blend

1 x Mystic Air Freshener Triplemoon Design

2 x Worship Candles in Gold & Silver (1 of each)

1 x Pk of 3 Mojo Wishing Beans inc's A Scroll With Instructions

1 x Purple Velvet Bag With Pentagram Charm 

Information & Spell Suggestions ~ Includes Tons of Suggested Uses & A Booklet On How To Get The Best From Your Salts

Witches ~ Lisa Parker Bag Gift Set ~ Spell Potions ~ Altar Supplies

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