Witch's Premium Roll-On Magical Mood Enhancing Oils In Gift Box's
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Roll-on oils to quickly enhance your mood, in 10 ml amber bottles with a stainless steel roller. Made by myself on my altar infused with my own little known secret ritual, oils are a premium blend using quality organic certified essential aromatherapy oils, Vegan friendly & smell divine, A special blend with a touch of magick to change your mood anytime throughout the day.
A quick roll on your temples & pulse points will relax or energise you. Find it hard to chill out & relax after a busy day, simply roll this oil on & quickly change your mood, a roll-on before bed with have you slip into a blissful sleep in no time, a quick fix stress buster, quell anger, eliminate a stress headache.
Need a quick energy boost to get you through your day, want the energy to dance the night away, feeling sluggish midday, this will quickly uplift your mood & give you a sharp fast energy boost & completely uplift your mind body & spirit.
These come gift boxed and make excellent gifts, you can choose the one to suit your needs, or have both to change your mood through the day.
A Skin test is recommended before first use.  Not recommended for pregnant or nursing mums, due to high concentrate of essential oils.

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