~ Superb Witch's Spell Casters Starter Box Kit ~ 

Perfect Gift For Beginners or The More Advanced Witch, With Tons of Info & Spells Included.

Contents Included In The Witch's Labelled Box:(Check out all pictures)

2 x Magical Herbs (3"x 2.5") Grip Seal Bags For Keep Your Herbs Fresh (My Herbs Are Extremely High Quality, Mainly Grown By Me,Organic and/or Wild Harvested.
2 x Spell Potions (3" x 2.5") These Potions I Make To My Own Potent Ritual, Using The Various Moon Phases Suited To The Potion, They Contain A Specially Selected Blend of Magical Herbs, Mainly Grown By Me All Organic and/or Wild Harvested, My Own Blends of Witch's Salts & Powders, Blended With Certified Essential Oils (My Oils Are The Best Quality Available) Can Be Used As Part of A Spell or As A Standalone Magical Potion.
2 x Small Spell Candles ~ Approx 10 cm Tall x 1 cm Wide ~ Burn Time 2  Hours ~ Perfect For Spells That Require You To Let Your Candle Burn Out, As It Doesn't Have You Sitting Up All Night Waiting For It To Burn Down (Colours May Vary
1 x Glass Cork Top Small Potion Bottle Of My Potent Witch's Black Salt ~ Ritually Infused With Secret Ingredients, Herbs, Essential Oils & Blended Following The Old Witch's Traditions. Making What I believe Is The Most Potent Witch's Black Salt You Will Find1 x Glass Cork Top Small Potion Bottle Of My Consecrated Pure Cleansing Salt, Hand Blended To A Little Known Ritual, Made In The Old Witch's Ways.
1 x 15 ml Bottle of Attraction Oil ~ Perfect For All Spells When You Wish To Attract Someone or Something To You ~ Can Replace Almost All Individual Oils Used To Attract Money, love, New Home, New Job etc.
1 x 15 ml Bottle of Repelling Oil ~ Perfect For All Spells When You Wish To Repel or Banish. Someone or Something ~ Can Replace Almost All Individual Oils Used To Banish, Bad Luck, Hex, Curse, An Unwanted Visitor, Anti-Social Neighbour etc.


1 x Small Sachet Of Ritually Infused Altar Specially Blended Loose Incense Blend
1 x Charcoal Disk To Burn Your Incense on
1 x Large Seashell ~ Represents Water Element & Great Natural Altar Decor.
2 x Crystal Gemstones ~ Grade A+ Approx 2 - 2.5 cms (May Vary From Picture)
1 x Cinnamon Stick 
1 x Large Pine Cone
1 x Information, Spells & Lots Of Suggested Uses For Every Item. Making This Kit Ideal For Beginners, Anyone Needing A Bit Of Guidance or The Experienced Witch To Add To Their Supplies & Plenty Guides For Their On Book of Shadows. 


Witches Spell Casters Box ~ Gift Set ~ Potions ~ Crystals ~Salts

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