~ Superb Witch's Spiritual Buddha Box ~ Vegan Friendly ~

Relaxation & Meditation, Relieve Stress, Worries & Aids Deep Sleep With A Scroll of Info & Spells Included.

Contents Included In The Spiritual Labelled Box: (Check out all pictures, makes A perfect gift)

1 x Mini Buddha Statue Approx. High 5.5cm x Wide 3cm x Depth 2.5cm) Design May Vary Slightly
4 x Sachets of Magical Flowers (My Herbs Flowers Are Extremely High Quality, Mainly Grown By Me, Organic and/or Wild Harvested. Suggested Uses Enclosed Flower Are Chamomile, Lavender, Rose Petals & Marigold Petals)
1 x Linen Cotton Natural Bag Containing A Bath or Shower Spell Potion For Deep Relaxation, Cleansing and Meditation. These Potions I Make To My Own Potent Ritual, Using The Phases of The Moon, They Contain A Specially Selected Blend of Magical Herbs, Flowers, Pure Certified Essential Oils and Hand Ground Himalayan & Dead Sea Salts, (Instructions Enclosed)
2 x Small Spell Candles ~ Approx 10 cm Tall x 1 cm Wide ~ Burn Time 2  Hours  (Colours May Vary)
1 x Sachet Of My Consecrated Pure Cleansing Salt, Hand Blended To A Little Known Ritual, Made In The Old Witch's Ways. (Tons of Suggested Uses Enclosed)
1 x 10 ml Bottle of Premium Relaxation & Meditation Roll-On Oil ~  My Mood Enhancing Oils Are Blended To A Little Known Ritual Using Premium Quality Certified Essential Oils, In Amber Glass Roll-On Bottles Complete With Box ~ A Quick Roll of This Oil Will Ease Stress, Anger, Anxiety Relaxing You, Perfect To Use In All Meditation, and/or For The Perfect Nights Sleep.
8 x Rose & Lavender Incense Cones In A Large Seashell ~ Perfect To Change The Atmosphere of Your Home To A Tranquil Relaxing Haven. (The Shell Can Be Used To Burn Your Cones On)
2 x Crystal Gemstones (approx. 20-30mm) Sitting In Seashell Labelled With The Stone. Crystals May Vary From Picture
1 x Information Scroll With Suggested Uses.
These lovely boxes are perfect for a gift, a complete spiritual pamper box, for eliminating stress leaving you in a relaxed state, ideal for meditation, to aid sleep allowing you to feel well-rested and energised in the morning.

Witches Spiritual Buddha Starter Box ~ Spells, Oils Herbs & More

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