Superb Huge Witch's Chest with An Array of Witch's Gift Supplies, Spells, 

& Altar Accessories All In Gift Packs & Gift Boxes

Contents Include: 


1 x Witches X Large Altar Chest Size Approx. 22 cm long x 15 cm deep x 15 cm Tall excl Handle (9"x6"x6")

1 x X Large Altar Cloth Purple Pentagram 40" x 40" (102 cm x 102 cm) (As Seen In Picture) 
4 Lg Size Crystals In Gift Pack Grade A+ Crystal Gemstones (May Vary From Picture) but Are All High Quality & Classified as Large Stones, Each Crystal Will Be Labelled,  20-30 mm
Selenite Crystal Wand In Black Coffin Shape Presentation Gift Box (Wand approx 15 cm Long x 1.5 cm Width)  (Black Gloss Card With Silver Cross Coffin Gift Box Size Approx 16 cm Long x 4 cm Deep x 6 cm Wide)
24 Altar Incense In Gift Pack (6 Pks of 4 Cones For Many Desires ~ As Seen In Pictures)
6 Bottles of Altar Anointing Oils In Gift Pack ~ 6 x 15 ml Pet Bottles (Ritually Blended For Many Desires)
6 Spell Potions In Gift Pack Ritually Blended With Herbs, Oils, Witch's Powders, Salts & My Own Secret Ingredients For Extreme Potency Each Bag Is Approx 3" x 2.25"
4 x Large Ritual Candles ~ Hand Rolled & Straight Through Colours Unscented Approx. 8 Hr Burn (Colours May Vary)
8 Small Different Coloured Spell Candles In Gift Pack ~ Unscented Approx. 2 Hr Burn
2 x 10 ml Glass Roll-On Oils 1 x of Meditation & Relaxation & 1 x of Energise & Uplift In Black Gift Boxes
2 x 10 ml Glass Dropper Oils in Gift Pack 1 Bottle of Attracting Oil & 1 Bottle of Repelling Oil With Tamper Proof Tops In Gift Pack
1 x Wooden Incense Burner
6 x Empty Blessed Glass Potion Bottles with Cork Tops For Making Your Own Lotions & Potions Blends & Witch's Bottle In Gift Pack.

4 x Handmade Blessed Pentagram Charm bags Approx. Size Of Each Bag is 5cm x 7cm In Gift Pack.

Double Altar Salts Gift Pack Containing 1 pk of Witch's Extremely Potent Black Salt & 1 pk of Consecrated Cleansing Salt
Pk of 4 x  Worship Candles 2 Each of Silver "for the goddess" 2 Each of & Gold "For The Gods" 
1 x Reversible Crystal Glass Candle Holder, One Side Holds Your Small Spells & The Other Side Holds You Large Ritual Candles.
A Collection of Large Seashells For Altar Decor & To Represent The Element of Water
Plus Tons of Info, Suggestions & Spells From My Own Book of Shadows. Everything Is Labeled and In Gift Packs. Ideal Witch's Gift or A Full Chest Full Of Lots Of Gifts If You Wished To Give Each Gift Pack Separately, Saving An Absolute Fortune On Buying All Individually.
Any Questions, Don't Hesitate To Drop Me A Message. 

Witches Superb Altar Chest Starter Kit In Gift Pks

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