This is the perfect kit for beginners and the more experienced witch,the kit comes as a complete witches kit containing basically every type of spell you may wish to do, or if you still don’t feel ready to do a full ritual or spell quite yet then it is not even essential as these potions can be used as a complete standalone spell without the need for other ingredients or tools, or some easy to find ingredients, that will probably be in your kitchen or you can easily obtain cheaply from any supermarket, and will still give you exceptionally powerful results. They are also designed so you can mix the blends 2 or more potions together to give you the completely new blend to suit your personal situation better, with tips and instruction’s on blending your potions on making your own special magical blends personal and unique only for you. Each of these 12 Hand blended potions is blended with ethically sourced herbs, many of which I grow myself with pure certified essential aromatherapy oils.Also Includes A FREE White All Purpose Altar Cloth.

These potions are not only designed for beginners, but for any witch that leads a busy life and needs a quick fix spell that won’t take all their time preparing and performing.(A Five min quick fix spell in a

bag) that gives amazingly powerful results. Each potion comes complete with suggested spells, best ways to use and full information, mixing the potions (mixology) so regardless of the situation you are ready with a complete spell to attract or banish whichever is your desired outcome. The set comes with 12 bags filled with fresh, dried magical herbs renowned for their properties of what is marked on the labelled bags, blended and infused with certified quality pure essentials oils, also used to fit the purpose, they are all prepared at various moon stages to suit the desired spell potions, and blended in my cauldron to an age old secret tried and proven secret ritual that is known only by a very few people, but has travelled down many of my ancestors and generations of witches.  

This is most likely the most useful kit you will ever purchase, why purchase dozens of different herbs,

bottles of essential oils and a ton of other ingredients to do a spell that perhaps you don’t wish to doagain, but now have a cupboard full of all these different oils and herbs, and wasted a lot of cash on them especially the oils as if these the real certified oils that is a must then they are most certainly not cheap to purchase.

Now you can purchase a one-off kit with almost every type of spell you will ever wish to do

.***I also sell these separately see my other items in larger bags should you wish to try just one or to top up your supplies.***

A complete witches spell’s solution all in one kit, the magical blends of herbs infused and blended with essential oils and Info you will receive are as follows: 

1 x White Altar Cloth (All Purpose Use) Size Approx 54 cms x 54 cms

4 Sides of A4 Size Paper with tons of ideas, spells and complete information on each and every blend you receive. (2 A4 Sheets Printed On Both Sides, Containing Tons of Spells, Suggestions & Tips.

Each Blend Comes in Zip Seal Bags for Freshness and Measure approx.: 2” x 2.5”, As You Only Use A Pinch or 2 at a Time These Bags Can Last for A Long Time, They Are Also Available in Slightly Bigger Bags Purchased Separately, If You Find You Are Running Done on Only 1 or 2 of Them, You Can Easily Top Up.

Included is 1 Bag Each of The Following: (12 Potions In Total)

~~SUCCESS~ Bring success into all areas of your life~~BLESSINGS~ Bless your home, yourself or any object.

~~PURIFICATION~ Purify Yourself and home or a special item

~~CONFIDENCE~ Gain confidence when it is most needed, this is also perfect for blending with other potions

~~LOVE~ROMANCE~FRIENDSHIPS~SELF LOVING ~ Attract a new lover, bring romance back to a relationship, attract friends, mend a quarrel, bring back a lover, use for all affairs of the heart.

~~HEALTH~HEALING~WELL-BEING~ Keep yourself from picking up colds and minor illnesses, help to recover quickly from an illness, keep germs at bay in your home, work and stop any visitors spreading any unwanted germs around you, your home and family. (Do not replace this with medical advice)

~~WEALTH~MONEY~ABUNDANCE~ Turn yourself and home into a money magnet, attract money wherever you go.

~~ROAD OPENER~BANISH OBSTACLES~NEW BEGINNINGS~ Know what you want and where you want to be, but there is just too many life issues and obstacles getting in the way, use to help you open the road for you and show you the way forward.

~~GOOD LUCK~ Also great to blend with any other of the blends when you just need that extra bit of luck, or having a run of bad luck in a lot of areas in your life, use to turn your luck from bad to good in any general areas of your life

~~BANISHING~HEX~NEGATIVITY~CURSE~BAD LUCK~ Feel you maybe a victim of psychic attack, that you have been cursed or everything you do tends to fail, this can remove the curse, banish the negativity surrounding you and/or your home and lift the run of bad luck you are experiencing

~~SPIRIT CONTACT~DIVINATION ~ Want to reach a spirit by either a spirit board or other means? This potion should keep out evil entities and only allow good spirits to enter your space, want to read tarot cards, use a crystal ball, this potion should help you open your 3rd eye allowing your own intuition to guide you, do excellent readings for yourself and others

~~PROTECTION~FOR PERSONAL & HOME USE ~ Protect yourself, your family, your belongings, your scared space, your home, from all entities either from this or other planes, (seen or unseen) keeping you protected from harm.

This comes packaged in tasteful packaging complete with spell suggestions, tips and instruction’s, all from my own Book of Shadows, and a plain white altar cloth, would make a perfect gift for the witch in your life, anyone new to spell casting, the busy witch, or the travelling witch. Is also the perfect addition for your magical supply cupboard, and a wonderful treat to yourself.

Many more spell, altar and witches supplies available so why not have a browse.

Brightest Blessings x

P.S Sorry at present can only send to UK, any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

12 x Spell Potions Altar Kit ~ FREE Altar Cloth

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