Pack of 6 Witch on Broom Vinyl Decals, Quick and easy to apply, perfect for applying to a plain wine glass to make your own altar chalice, can also be used on mugs, laptop, wine glasses, or any flat smooth surface, you will receive a pack of 6, with a bit imagination you can have fun transforming your altar or your home.  Each one is Approx. size 2.5 inches by 2 inches. Various colours available.


Ensure that glass is cleaned and free from (fingerprints etc. can stop your decal from sticking!) Alcohol rub/gel is great for cleaning glass.
STEP 1. Gently but firmly rub a credit card or similar over the top of the decal to ensure it has fully adhered to the transfer tape.
STEP 2. Lift the white backing paper slowly from the corner away from the clear application tape (the application tape will have your design on it) ensure the design is coming away from the backing paper - if not go back to step 1.
STEP 3. Place the design onto the glass and rub it over the top with a credit card or similar.
STEP 4. Leave for a few minutes then slowly and gently remove clear application tape leaving the design on the glass. If the design starts to lift with the application tape go back to step 3.

Do not soak or scrub as this will remove your decal. Not dishwasher safe, as the power of the dishwasher, will remove the decal.

Witches Vinyl Decal Stickers Pk of 6 For Your Chalice or Wine Glass

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